Preview The Way of Kings

After completing the late Robert Jordan's acclaimed Wheel of Time saga, author Brandon Sanderson has finally revealed The Way of Kings, book one of his own epic cycle, The Stormlight Archive.

The Way Of Kings introduces the three protagonists who will be our windows into the strange and wondrous world of Roshar: Dalinar, brother to the assassinated king and plagued by dreams of ancient times and legendary wars; Kaladin, a highborn youth brought to the most miserable level of military slavery; and Shallan, a naïve but brave and brilliant young woman who will do anything to save her impoverished noble house from ruin.


The Way of Kings is the result of over ten years of planning, writing and world-creating. And fortunately for all fantasy lovers, it's just the beginning of what is already proving to be a truly epic series.

The Way of Kings is out August 31. And two of you lucky readers will win a copy—just email with "Way of Kings" as the subject line by 6PM EST on September 7, and you will be entered. [Rules]

Check out an excerpt below!

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