The Predator civil war is reaching its bloody climax, and we've got a sneak peek at how crazy it's going to get. Dark Horse has slipped us three exclusive pages from the new Predator #4 comic, coming in January.

Dark Horse describes the fourth and final installment of the series: Think that a third-world civil war is messy? How about an off-world civil war? Caught in the middle of a blood feud between rival Predator clans in an east African war zone, private military contractor Thorpe barely makes it back to base with his hide intact after a pitched firefight with a squad of extraterrestrial marauders. But clean sheets and hot chow will provide cold comfort once the alien killers and their lethal technology track Thorpe down, and he has precious little time to marshal the Graham Directive Security crew for a desperate defense. They might have had a chance had they not lost their most potent ally, a lone rival Predator warrior, but now Thorpe and the GDS soldiers are out of options and out of time as they prepare to make their stand-their last stand. A new series, Aliens vs. Predator, launches in January.