Preview Black Magic Sanction

Rachel Morgan's one badass witch. For eight books, she's been battling to keep the streets of Cincinnati safe from supernatural beings. She never expected to have to fight her own kind—but in Kim Harrison's latest novel, Black Magic Sanction, that's just what she'll have to do if she wants to survive.

Rachel can't do it alone, though. She'll need a little help from her friends. And some from her enemies, too.


Here's what people are saying about Harrison's spellbinding new thriller:

"This thrill ride celebrates the can-do spirit of one of urban fantasy's most charming witches." - Publishers Weekly

"Her work can read like a smoldering combination of Alice Waters and Ozzy Osbourne." - New York Times Book Review

"I wouldn't miss a Kim Harrison book for anything." - Charlaine Harris, USA Today Bestselling Author of Club Dead

Check out an excerpt of Black Magic Sanction below!

And if you can't get enough of Rachel Morgan's heart-pounding exploits, get a special $1.99 digital edition of Kim Harrison's The Good, the Bad, and the Undead which includes an excerpt from the forthcoming Pale Demon, due to hit stores on February 22.


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