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ABC Family hit Pretty Little Liars has become the teenage version of Desperate Housewives, full of backstabbing pretty people with an undercurrent of murder. Oh, and also? Vampires and other magical beings. A spinoff, Ravenswood, will deal with the Liars' paranormal side.


Entertainment Weekly has a ton of details about Ravenswood, which executive producer Joseph Dougherty says is "a chance to tell a kind of story we can't tell on Pretty Little Liars." It's set in the cursed town of Ravenswood, near the Pennsylvania town where Liars' action takes place. It picks up on a supernatural world that is "occasionally acknowledged" on Liars, and stars Tyler Blackburn, who plays rebel heartthrob Caleb.

The spinoff will debut after a special Halloween episode of Liars in the fall, and will explore Caleb's mysterious past. Unlike Liars, Ravenswood is not based on a book series.

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