You too can cultivate your the “Background extra on TNG” aesthetic you’ve always wanted with this pretty nifty little Star Trek light.

Okay, it doesn’t offer much in the way of being a lamp—you’d probably need more than a few to even dimly light a room, let alone pretend you’re patrolling the corridors of a well-lit Federation Starship. But this little light-up schematic of the Enterprise, which will set you back $50, is probably one of the world’s nerdiest nightlights.


The 10 1/2" display—which can be swapped out with a version featuring the classic Enterprise from the original Star Trek—is lit up by a rotating set of different colored LEDs, and can either operate on batteries or be plugged into your computer via USB while you practice your best “I know this does nothing but I have to pretend it’s a functioning computer display” impression, just like basically every Star Trek actor!

Pair it with an isolinear chip USB stick or coaster for the ultimate (and oddly specific) “see through Star Trek merchandise” collection.



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