Prequel Comic Reveals Dr. Horrible's Childhood Origins

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Where do singing supervillains come from? A preview of Zack Whedon's Dr. Horrible prequel comic reveals how a childhood incident inspired a brainy kid to don that evil lab coat and goggles.


Zack Whedon's one-shot Dr. Horrible comic hits stands on November 18th and will delve into Billy's childhood, his first meeting with Captain Hammer, and his drive to join the Evil League of Evil. Whedon told Newsarama that Penny will make a small appearance, though sadly there will be no singing.

The full seven-page preview is available at MTV and offers some insight into what drove Billy to become Dr. Horrible.


[via Whedonesque]

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Evil Tortie's Mom: R.O.A.C.H.

That article says there already was a Captain Hammer comic. How did I miss this, and where can I get it? (or see it online) #drhorriblessingalongblog