After years of discussion, the movie based on Y The Last Man is, according to director DJ Caruso, ready to go into production. But do his plans for making the critically- and fan-acclaimed series into a trilogy of movies include changing the way the story ends? Spoilers for the movie and comic series await, so be warned.Caruso spoke to SciFi Wire about the movie:

Well, I think Yorick is a fantastic role for Shia [LeBeouf]. One, because Yorick has great sort of self-deprecating humor. ... One thing Shia really brings to him is that ... realistic acting style and being put in some crazy, ... super-realistic situations. Shia always keeps them real and keeps it grounded. He's endearing. I'm hoping that the 355 relationship, ... I always thought it would be really cool to have that be sort of a [Robert] De Niro-[Charles] Grodin ... banter type relationship, like they had in Midnight Run. I think that Shia would be a great sort of receiver and giver on both sides of that. I think he'd really bring a lot to it... I haven't given deep thought [to casting other characters], because we just [finished the script]. I mean, it was so cool we finally plotted out and licked the first screenplay. I think it's one of three if, God willing, the things are successful. And so I haven't really given it much thought. But, ... it's [going to have 355]. We've got 711. We've got Dr. Mann. We've got Hero. ... We've got a lot of interesting casting choices. You know, as Shia said, this would be a really fun movie to be a guy in [laughs].


But how would the movie end?

I don't want to give away too much of the end, but I think basically you know, Yorick and 355 will basically walk away and go off into the sunset, knowing that they're going to have to keep going on the run, and you might sort of look up in the sky and realize that maybe Yorick is at that point, and he might not be the last man or he might be the last man, and that ... the journey and the continuing on the run is going to have to go from there.

He "might not be the last man"? Unless this means movie audiences are going to get an early reveal of Dr. Mann's father, then am I the only one worried that we're going to see a much more upbeat end to this version of the story that might than fans of Brian K. Vaughan's original would be expecting? If so, then suddenly Shia being the final specimen of human masculinity in the world is no longer the scariest thing we've heard about this project. Caruso Offers New Y Hints [SciFi Wire]

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