Prefab ZeroHouse is Ecotopian Dream

My apartment building was built in the 1920s, and it's a complete pain in the ass. It's expensive, it's small, and the gas bill is sky high. That's why, next year, I'm going to build myself a zeroHouse. A zeroHouse is prefab, eco-friendly awesomeness.

And, like me, it's completely self-sufficient. The roof is made of solar panels, which are hooked up to batteries that will provide electricity for up to a week. A pre-installed cistern collects rainwater and filters it for home use. Closed-cell structural walls and triple glazed windows insulate the pad, making artificial heat virtually unnecessary. All the furniture's built in, so I don't even have to buy a new couch! Pretty rad, and all for an estimated 350K.


Images by Scott Specht for Specht Harpman

zeroHouse [Home page]

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