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The screenwriters who penned Robert Rodriguez's upcoming Predators have been hired to write a new Masters of the Universe script. I'm sorry, Hollywood. You can remake MotU, but you'll never replace Dolph Lundgren. My He-Man killed Apollo Creed.

Mike Finch and Alex Litvak of Predators are writing Columbia Pictures' adaptation of Masters of the Universe. The project had previously gone to Warner Bros - John Stevenson, who co-directed Kung Fu Panda, was slated to direct MotU, but the project fell apart after the studio and Mattel reached a creative impasse. Columbia nabbed MotU this fall, and Mattel has since approved Finch and Litvak's script.


Call me old-fashioned, but I was okay with He-Man being a Fulbright scholar, Skeletor masquerading as Richard Nixon, and the whole gaudy exercise being a homage to the works of Jack Kirby. Also, how can you possibly improve on this?

Oh, I forgot. With this.

[via THR]

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