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When asked if a sequel to Predators is in the works, director Nimród Antal mentioned that he and producer Robert Rodriguez have been discussing one, but that his next project will be his own dystopian film, Paraffin.


Playlist recently asked Antal about the future of the Predator franchise. The director said that he and Rodriguez had spoken about a sequel, but that a Predators 2 (Predator IV? Predatorses?) was contingent on demand:

We'll see what happens this next weekend [...] I couldn't care less about the box office [...] But clearly Fox and the people hiring me do. I just want to make a good movie, and we'll see what happens. I certainly hope people come and see it.


He also gave some hints about his next project Paraffin, a dystopian film named after the waterproof sealant:

I can't quite give you a storyline yet [...] I can give you a teaser: men and women will build a boat out of plastic bottles in Cuba to escape oppression, right? So imagine if our world has become that [kind of] oppression. You aren't building plastic bottle boats anymore, you have to build something else to get out of here.

Predators comes out next Friday, July 9.

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