The background of a photo in the most recent issue of Empire spoiled concept art for this summer's Predators flick. Check out illustrations of the juiced-up Super-Predators and Preds' unlucky, sociopathic human prey.

In this photo taken at Robert Rodriguez's Trouble Maker Studios, you can see several characters from Nimród Antal's new film. Check it out below:

Illustration for article titled Predators Concept Art Offers First Glimpses Of Angry Crab-Faces

On the left you can see various designs of the Predator armor and a somewhat blurry Predator with hunting hound. On the right is the "Black Predator" and the following human characters from the top down:

- Isabelle, a sniper and mysterious goverment ops agent
- Stans, a shiv-wielding inmate
- Nikolai, a chaingun-carrying Russian soldier
- and Hanzo, a yakuza enforcer


For information on the potential plot of Predators, here's our rundown of a supposedly leaked internet script. Warning: spoilers out the wazoo.

[via AVP Galaxy]

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