While we're still waiting for AMC to announce who will play title character Jesse Custer for their TV adaptation of the comic Preacher (along with his vampire pal Cassidy) a very strange side character with an extremely messed-up backstory has been revealed. Behold, Arseface.

AMC has announced that fresh-faced newcomer Ian Colletti will play Eugene Root, a.k.a. Arseface. He's actually a very strange and sad character who wrecked his face trying to commit suicide like his idol, Kurt Cobain.


Arseface even got his own origin story single-issue comic, titled "Preacher: The Story of You-Know-Who" which makes us wonder if AMC and Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (producers on the series) will also do a single-episode backstory for this character. Either way, Arseface has a very strange arc in the Preacher comics, so we look forward to hearing him sing. This also might mean we'll get to meet the one-eyed Lorie Bobbs.

Man, the cast of Preacher is totally deranged. It should be interesting to see how this one shakes out on television.

[Via Collider]