Preacher Will Return For Season Two With 13 Total Episodes

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A day after we asked the question “Why are so few people talking about Preacher?”, AMC confirmed big-time that it still has confidence in the show by announcing it will get a second season.

Variety broke the news and report that the second season will be 13 episodes. That’s an increase of three from this season’s 10.

Preacher is a special television program and we’re eager to share with fans the rest of this wild first season and, now, an expanded second season,” said Charlie Collier, the president of AMC. “What Sam [Catlin], Seth [Rogen], Evan [Goldberg] and the entire creative team have achieved in bringing Garth Ennis’ graphic novel to the screen is extraordinary. We look forward to more time with these unforgettable characters be it in Heaven, Hell, Texas or beyond.”


Well, that’s just some of the best news you’re likely to hear today.


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Haven’t seen episode 5 yet but as a non-comic reader this is such a fun show. It’s one of the shows where not knowing what the fuck is going on is a good thing because it’s so fun