An ultra powerful peacekeeping angel handles Jesse and DeBlanc with ease. Image: AMC

For weeks, viewers of Preacher have probably been wondering what the special power Jesse Custer had actually was. Last night, the angels DeBlanc and Fiore finally explained it to them (and Jesse) and, as a result, we got one of those incredible, jaw-dropping action scenes that illustrates why this show has so much potential.

First, here’s the explanation of Jesse’s power, which began last night’s episode:

So now that that’s all on the table, that lady with blonde hair who walked in during this bit of exposition? Once DeBlanc and Fiore notice her, they follow her out of the diner, attack her, kill her, and drive off. Then Jesse sees a flash of light from inside the diner, as the same lady steps back out, seconds later. As Jesse, Fiore and DeBlanc drive off, the duo finally reveal to Jesse that they—like the woman—are angels. And now Jese finally has proof that heaven and Hell exist.


The blonde lady, a peace-keeping angel called a seraphim, tracks town DeBlanc and Fiore again at the hotel again later, as she’s hunting the two for going rogue (neither she nor Heaven know Genesis has escaped... yet). The result is plain insanity—agruesome, pulse-pounding action scene in which Jesse, DeBlanc, and Fiore try to defeat the seraphim in their hotel room. And every time one of the three angels dies, their dead body stays there, while a new one “reinvigorates.” So during this battle, the room gets filled with corpses as the same three people die over and over again. Their bodies literally start piling up.

After Cassidy arrives, Fiore is finally able to capture the seraphim instead of kill her, and the show calms down... for a moment. But this won’t last long, as Fiore and DeBlanc know heaven is got on their trail, and the clock is ticking.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes clip of the scene via AMC.


With those two scenes, making up the first 15 minutes of the episode, Preacher took a huge leap forward. It finally revealed what’s really at stake here, and gave us what may be its best, most inventive, most wildly entertaining action scene—in a show that’s already had several. Jesse may have received the truth about heaven, but the bigger important revelation may be that Preacher is finally coming into its own.