Praise the Emperor, Warhammer 40K Is Heading to Comics

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In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war... and comic books, apparently. Yes, Warhammer, Games Workshop’s ludicrously over the top tabletop game, is one of the wackiest, macho universes in science fiction—and after a long hiatus from comics, the series is getting a new swath of books from Titan Comics.


Announced at ComicPRO in Portland today, Titan and Games Workshop have penned a deal that will see the first in a plethora of ongoing series set in the relentlessly grim 41st millennium of Warhammer 40K hit shelves in September. Titan were fairly tight-lipped on further details, but the first ongoing series sounds like it could basically be an anthology series promising to cover the myriad races and factions of the universe, from the stalwart Space Marines and Imperial Guardsmen of the Human Empire, to the ethereal Eldar, the mechanized castes of the Tau, or the totally-not-inspired-by-Alien hordes of the sinister Tyranids.


Which, being familiar with how Games Workshop promotes Warhammer 40K, means we’re probably due for 90 percent of these comics to be only about the Space Marines. I hope you’re ready for a lot of silly folks in giant power armor in these comics.

Let’s hope not though! Like I said, Warhammer 40K prides itself on its ludicrous sense of variety, jam packed with obscenely overpowered and ridiculous heroes and villains. It’s perfect for a comic book franchise, with just the right amount of silliness and self-seriousness—hopefully Titan can do that absurd variety justice.

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Emperor willing, this could mean Dan Abnett returning to sci-fi comics. In addition to a fantastic term running the cosmic side of Marvel with Andy Lanning (which included the version of Guardians of the Galaxy that got Marvel Studios interested), he has written some great comics set in the 40K universe (for both GW and BOOM! Studios), and not all of them were about Space Marines.

And even when they are, he can keep them interesting.