Praise Be, Oprah Winfrey Got Out of Gilead

June got a little help from President Oprah.
June got a little help from President Oprah.
Photo: George Kraychyk (Hulu)

The new episode of The Handmaid’s Tale features a familiar voice, one I’m sure you recognized. You might’ve thought you were mistaken at first, or tried to clean your ear to make sure you heard it correctly, as I did. But don’t fret. It’s true: Oprah Winfrey was able to flee the repressive Gilead and escape to Canada, and she’s helping the resistance (of course).

Hulu has confirmed that, in the latest episode “Holly,” Winfrey is the voice June hears on the radio as she’s trying to get a car and flee Gilead herself, in an uncredited cameo. After June turns on the car, an American radio station comes on with Winfrey sharing news about the Canadian government’s new economic sanctions and increased refugee admissions for folks who escape Gilead. She then gives June a pep talk about how the United States is still here, June is still loved, and they are fighting for the future of all Americans.

The episode might be full of complications for our brave heroine—which we get into in the full episode recap—but we can rest a little easier knowing Oprah Winfrey got out and she’s fighting for all of us. She made it, you guys. And she’s still on our side.

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Of course Oprah got out of Gilead. No Father would dare take her on, they saw what she did to James Frey. There is very little difference between her anger and the wrath of God.