Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

It's mostly television spoilers this morning, with a ton of info about Heroes season three, plus a new trailer - and info on what to expect in Heroes season seven, if the show lasts that long. Also, a Florida newspaper posted the first five minutes of The Dark Knight in better quality than I've seen it before - and it shows how we first meet Heath Ledger's Joker. There's a brief new clip, and new pics, from Saturday's Doctor Who finale. Plus what to expect from Smallville, Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Stargate Atlantis. Spoiler alert!

The Dark Knight:

The Orlando Sentinel posted the first five minutes of The Dark Knight, which director Christopher Nolan showed off a few months ago. The quality isn't that great, but much better than previous postings. Check out that gorgeous swooping shot into the window, right before it explodes afterwards. This sequence, involving the clown-masked baddies robbing a bank, will probably look fantastic in IMAX: The sense of scale makes Gotham City feel more real than it ever has. And I love the Joker's henchmen gossiping about him and mulling over double-crossing him, never realizing he's among them. And how you can tell which guy is the Joker just by his crazy loping gait. [Orlando Sentinel]

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Heroes producers Joe Pokaski and Aron Colette spilled more of what's to come on their superhero soap opera. We'll learn who shot flying politician Nathan Petrelli right at the start of the season, but the first episode will actually start off four years in the future - alternating with a few minutes before Nathan is shot. We'll see more of clairvoyant artist Isaac's sketchbook around episodes 9-11, and we'll meet a new artist, with a familiar subject.

Also, since Claire share's Adam's healing abilities, she may also be immortal, like him. When Claire meets her mom again, they'll bond over being superpowered, even as Claire pushes her non-powered stepmom away. We'll see more of the contrast between Claire and Elle the electro girl, with Elle being like Claire's dark side, in season three. And Elle and Claire's uncle Peter will "kinda" meet again. As for Peter, he'll find his near-limitless power starting to corrupt him more.


When Hiro and Adam were in the Company's vault last season, we saw Adam grab a gold key, and there was a wooden horse figurine. The gold key will be super important in Heroes season seven. (If any.) And the wooden horse is full of tiny Greek men. Also, we may see something of the Company's files on the Petrelli family and Matt Parkman.

Claude the invisible guy is still alive, but we won't know for a while whom Claude was hiding from Noah when Noah shot him. Also, we'll learn more about the Haitian's life and character this year.

If there had been a second half to season two, we would have seen Peter try to rescue the plucky Irish barmaid Caitlin from the alternate future she was stranded in - but he'll be too busy in season three dealing with other problems. (Bros before hos, in other words.) In season three, we'll either learn what happened to Peter and Nathan's dad, or more about Linderman's wife. We will see Arthur Petrelli in a flashback by episode eight.


We'll continue to see Suresh trying to come up with technobabble terms for people's powers (which makes it sound like he won't actually die, as some have feared.) [Comic Book Resources

Papa HRG takes Claire to school in a new Heroes promo that just came out. [Heroes Spoilers]

Brea Grant, who plays Hiro's arch-nemesis speedster Joy, says she steals something Hiro needs for his quest. And her character will intersect with other main characters besides Hiro, and might actually do the right thing some of the time - even as some of our heroes will find themselves doing the wrong thing occasionally. Whenever she goes into a room, there's a blast of air blown onto everyone and then suddenly she's standing there. She sticks around at least as far as the sixth episode of the season. [Entertainment Weekly]


Doctor Who:

Here are a few more images from Saturday's Doctor Who season finale. Looking at these pics, I have one question: When Captain Jack meets Davros, is the immortal rogue going to hit on the Daleks' creator? (That would be so great!) [BlogtorWho]






And here's a snippet from the episode's script:

FRANCINE: What are all those numbers?

MARTHA stands, starts hoisting the Indigo Project

MARTHA: Grid reference. Now Jack's explained the base code, I know how this teleport works. I think. But you stay indoors, there's no Daleks on this street, you should be all right, just keep quiet. [Planet Gallifrey]

And here's a super brief clip from the episode, which follows on from the clip we showed earlier, of Sarah Jane, Jackie and Mickey in the clutches of the Daleks. [Spoiler TV]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

We may see more of Jonathan Jackson as Kyle Reese in the Terminator TV show. (He popped up in the future segments of the episode "Dungeons And Dragons.") [TV Guide]



The first two episode titles of Smallville season eight are "Odyssey" and "Plastique." That second title leads people to speculate we'll meet Plastique, a DC Universe villain from the Firestorm and Captain Atom comics. (Didn't she date Captain Atom for a while?) Plastique wore a very skintight costume made out of plastic explosive, which she could trigger at will - but later she gained the less-clunky power of projecting explosive blasts at people. Also, she was a Quebec separatist. Meanwhile, it sounds as though Lex's disappearance leaves a power vacuum in Metropolis, which a ton of new villains rush into. That brings both Oliver and Clark to Metropolis to sort things out. [Babettew54]

Meanwhile, remember how we told you that extraterrestrial powerhouse Doomsday, aka Davis Bloome, was going to be a sexy bartender who flirts with Lois? Apparently he's also a paramedic - or maybe the "bartender" thing was just for his audition scene. He's now being described as a charismatic paramedic who confronts the ominous darkness within himself in his spare time. Everybody needs a hobby, I guess. Also, Tess, the woman who takes care of the missing Lex Luthor's affairs, is actually acting CEO of LuthorCorp. [TVZine]


Also, the theme of this season is "double identities," and we'll see Clark evolving the "Superman" identity as he tries to maintain the semblance of a normal life while fighting baddies. [TV Guide]

Stargate Atlantis:

Stargate: Atlantis will revisit the Weir storyline that was left hanging in in season four's "Be All My Sins Remembered" - but will do it without Torri Higginson, who refused to come back. But that episode will also mark the return of Fran. We'll also be catching up with Jeanie. Also, new female characters in SGA season five include Nicole "Dax" DeBoer as Dr. Alison Porter, and Leela Savasta as Capt. Vega. [TV Squad]


In the fifth new SGA episode, Ronon undergoes a terrible ordeal when his former friend Tyre captures him and delivers him to the Wraith. It's up to Ronon's friends to plan a rescue mission. [Spoiler TV again]