Characters frequently swear in Marvel comics, but you’ll never see a foul-mouthed curse make it to print. They’re always censored by a string of nonsensical skulls and symbols... that is, except for Luke Cage in his new team up book with Danny Rand, and it makes perfect, adorable sense for the character.

Minor spoilers ahead for Power Man and Iron Fist #1, by David Walker, Sanford Greene, Lee Loughridge, and Clayton Cowles.


For those only familiar with Luke Cage (a.k.a. Power Man) from his appearance in last year’s Jessica Jones Netflix show, after the events of the Alias comic—which Jessica Jones was mostly based on—Jessica found out that she was pregnant with Luke’s child. They entered a relationship, Jessica gave birth to Danielle (named after Danny, Luke’s best friend), and eventually got married. Power Man and Iron Fist picks up well into that relationship, as Luke and Jessica are happily married, and Luke and Danny’s “Heroes for Hire” business currently closed.

The book begins with Luke and Danny roped into doing a favor for a friend of theirs who recently got released from prison. Danny is quite eager to get the Heroes for Hire back together, but Luke insistent that there’s no way that will happen. On the way to do the job, Luke suddenly blurts out his discontent to Danny:

Luke could have easily said “This is a bunch of @#!*$”, getting the point across and keeping Marvel’s standard curse word censoring in place. So why “Fiddle-Faddle”? Well, it turns out Jessica J. has gotten a bit tired with Luke’s foul-mouth swearing in front of Danielle.

Oh dear. So now, instead of profanity, the imposing Luke Cage prefers to say “Fiddle-Faddle” or, if he’s in a particularly angry mood, “Knick-Knack-Paddy-Whack.”

The best thing? There’s a bunch of other people swearing in Power Man and Iron Fist, which is emulating the sort of ’80s buddy cop show aesthetic of the old Heroes for Hire books, so it’s all gangsters and shady dealings and what not. They all get the usual censoring; it’s only Luke who forces himself to use the goofy alternative, even out of earshot of both Jess and Danielle. It’s adorable.


I desperately hope this is something we get in Luke Cage season two on Netflix. I’d be down for that kind of fiddle-faddle.