Posting erotic cartoons on your neighbors' cars is not how you break into the comic industry

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In today's modern, hustle-and-bustle internet era, getting your comic book out there can be difficult. You must differentiate yourself from the legion of aspiring illustrators, and sometimes a rip-roaring marketing gimmick can do wonders for your career.

This is not one of those rip-roaring marketing gimmicks.

Starting last year in the Noda ward of the Japanese city of Kobe, residents noticed taped erotic cartoons festooning public spaces, such as the doors of apartment complexes. And in June 2012, similar hentai leaflets began popping up on automobiles in Noda-area parking garages. That is, until this phantom erotic pamphleteer was caught in the act by police in July. As Rocket News translates from Itai News:

A Japanese man had criminal charges filed against him for [...] hoping to spread a little happiness to the public by posting pages of his own hand-drawn erotic manga (comics) to cars parked in a private parking lot [...] The man, a 44-year-old unemployed Kobe resident, quickly admitted to the charges, explaining: "I wanted people to know about my artistic talent." Upon investigating the man's home, police found dozens of hand-drawn erotic manga, some with tape on the back for easy hit-and-run display.


Apparently these comics had a vintage aesthetic. Authorities did not delineate how vintage, so we're just going to assume it was 100% tanuki (NSFW).


Top image: The Sexiest Of All The Cartoons.

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You could say that his art has really... MATURED?