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Oh joy, NBC is coming back with more Heroes webisodes, and it's about time. I've missed my poorly written postal yelly friend, his overly-attractive-for-a-Postman girlfriend and their cat. According to Heroes Spoilers, NBC is having a casting call for new webisodes. Which shocks me, because I can't believe they used actual actors for the suit-wearing Company guys or the Constrictor, but also because the casting call means exciting new characters. Find out who will be joining the S&M-themed web series below.The casting call is Sept. 24th in Los Angeles, CA. NBC is looking for actors to play: Rachel Mills: A 20-something lady who is ex-military, beautiful, athletic build and mysteriously trouble. David Sulivan: a late 20's to 30-something male. All-American and Rachel's love interest. David is a good guy that suffers from a Dr. Jekyll-Hyde transformation. Ryan Hanover: another 20-something who is quick tempered and has "plenty of attitude." An asshole jock type, but not super muscular (squeal, please make him gay with an attitude). [Heroes Spoiler]


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