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Posthumanity: Jump To The Next Stage In Human Evolution

Illustration for article titled Posthumanity: Jump To The Next Stage In Human Evolution

Evolution stops for no one, including Homo sapiens. Depending on how much we mess around with our genomes, and modify our bodies, and brains, this could be the last human century. This week, we blast ahead into the posthuman era.


If Homo erectus eventually evolved into Homo sapiens, what will Homo sapiens evolve into? Especially when you factor in genetic engineering and biotech implants? That's the burning, weird question we're tackling during posthumanity week.

Breakthroughs in genomics and biotechnology mean that we'll be guiding our own evolution at some point, possibly sooner than you think. In fact, there are already posthumans among us, and you'll be meeting some of them this week. We'll also be bringing you stories about the areas of science today that might change human evolution tomorrow. What will happen when we control our own mutations at a genetic level? Hook our brains up to computers? Grow six arms, or replace our arthritic fingers with bionic ones?

Illustration for article titled Posthumanity: Jump To The Next Stage In Human Evolution

The answers come from science, but they also come from scifi and futurism. A whole field of posthuman storytelling tackles the question of what humans will be like when we've gone cyborg, or modified our bodies to live in vacuum. Will we still be essentially the same creatures, falling in love and going to war, or will it be impossible for us to understand these beings who evolve from us?

To fuel your posthuman fantasies, we'll bring you booklists, art galleries, triviagasms, futurist rants, and mind-bending movie recommendations that explore the world - and the species - that come after Homo sapiens. Whether it happens via tech modifications, alien intervention, radiation blasts, or science so advanced it's indistinguishable from magic, humanity will transform into something else. Whether that's good or bad, we'll leave up for debate - and to your imagination.

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Rowdy Roddy Peeper

That first picture doesnt look like the Zombieland cover at all. Nope.