Poster reveals that the new Godzilla is f@#$ing ENORMOUS

HOLY HELL. Look at how insanely huge Godzilla is — he's towering over those skyscapers. He would actually have to bend down to destroy them manually. This is AWESOME.

I don't remember ever seeing a Godzilla movie where the Big G wasn't at least eye-level with the tallest building in the city (usually so he could look into the office windows on the top floor and make the inhabitants freak out). But now the tallest skyscrapers in this shot come up to his waist. Seriously, this is the biggest Godzilla has ever been, and it makes me so, so excited for this movie.


Don't believe me? Here's a chart showing all of Godzilla's sizes through the years (it fluctuates):

Looks like those eyewitness reports actually underestimated Godzilla's size. Here are a few comparison shots from the previous movies — note how the buildings at least come up to his shoulders:


Even at his tallest, In Godzilla: Final Wars, look:


Humans are going to truly be like ants to the new Godzilla. He wouldn't even bother to eat us. Hell, cities aren't even going to be targets as much as they are mild obstacles. I have no idea how humanity is going to stop him, and that excites me more than anything

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