Post-Post-Apocalyptic Comic Book Explores Life After the Aliens Leave Us

While the George Michael-isms of the trailers for ABC's new lawyer-prophet series Eli Stone (premiering tonight) may make you worried about the show's quality and musical taste, you can rest assured that show co-creator Marc Guggenheim's heart is in the right place. Namely, a post-alien apocalyptic Earth.

When he's not writing for such TV shows as CSI: Miami, Law & Order or Brothers & Sisters, Guggenheim dabbles in comic book script-writing. Following runs on Blade, Wolverine and a new regular gig on the thrice-monthly Amazing Spider-Man, he's ditching the world of big-budget superheroes for his own creation, Resurrection, for indie publisher Oni Press. The monthly series - which launched last month - starts with a take on a familiar idea: What happens the day after an alien invasion?


Beginning as humanity discovers that the aliens they've been at war with for years have mysteriously disappeared, the book follows the survivors of a decade-long war as they try to return to something resembling normality while also wondering just what happened to the aliens in the first place. With this kind of high concept - which the writer likens to dearly-departed Y: The Last Man in terms of post-apocalyptic atmosphere - and Guggenheim's TV connections, how long before we see this series on an upcoming network fall schedule?

Judge for yourself whether this could be the next cult thing: the entire first issue is online for free here.

Resurrection [Oni]


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