Who runs Tiretown? Sex workers run Tiretown! At least, that's how it looks in this awesome clip from Solarbabies, the movie about skating orphans who rescue a magical orb from The Man. The hookers of this wasteland outpost will tie you up, if you've got enough money. Or they'll spend a few hours giving you tips on how to smear your blue eyeshadow as randomly as possible. It's wide open! Another great Solarbabies moment, after the jump.

Thanks to everyone who recommended Solarbabies the other day. It truly does rule. It's not the greatest post-apocalyptic skater movie — that honor still belongs to Donald G. Jackson's Rollerblade — but it's better than Prayer of the Rollerboys. For one thing, it's really committed to its skating premise. The orphan characters play rollerball, skate-jump over a giant chasm, skate across a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland, and finally skate their way into the E-Protectorate's Aqua Bunker. Oh, and one guy pole-vault-skates over an electric fence. Here are the kids taking on Terminex, the super drill-kill robot:


The Servalan clone having her hands catch fire, that's brutal. But the golf club vs. hockey stick fight is awesome.