Post-Apocalyptic Lit Becomes Movie With Pretty People

Cormac McCarthy is currently riding a wave of cinematic bliss after the success of the Coen Brothers adaptation of his dark No Country For Old Men. Hopefully that washed the bad taste out of everyone's mouth that was the movie version his All The Pretty Horses. Next up is a film version of McCarthy's dark post-nuclear tale The Road, which Charlize Theron has just agreed to star in. But can Hollywood really do justice to this dark, literary tale?

This novel is about the arduous journey a father undertakes as he tries to get his son to safety after nuclear fallout and war has ravaged the world and turned most of the survivors into flesh-eating cannibals. The father and his son push a grocery cart through the wasteland, scavenging for food and supplies as they try to survive. The father's wife, long dead and seen only in brief flashbacks, will be played by Theron who is apparently a huge fan of the novel.


She'll be joined by either Guy Pearce or Viggo Mortensen as the father. However, having devotedly read all of McCarthy's novels, I'm not sure how what's on the page will translate to the screen very well, especially with these celebricons. Of course, I could be wrong. Even McCarthy's allegedly unfilmable Blood Meridian is getting a movie version, courtesy of Ridley Scott, so maybe filmmakers have cracked the code. After all, I never thought I'd enjoy No Country For Old Men on the big screen, but I was wrong about that one too.

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