Post-Apocalyptic Housing that Doesn't Look Like Bunkers

After a massive earthquake hit central China in May, the government pledged to create 1.5 million temporary homes for people whose houses had been destroyed. Designer Ming Tang came up with the idea to create some of these shelters out of bamboo crafted in collapsible, geometric shapes. Each home can be reconfigured quickly and moved vast distances efficiently. You can see more of his ideas for how these light, temporary homes might deployed in the next disaster.


Inspired by origami, these designs highlight the way a simple set of bamboo structures can be assembled in many ways and then covered over with tarp or other tent material to create a simple, effective shelter that could house families and groups of varying sizes.

I'm not sure how some of these shapes equal shelter, but they certainly help to evoke a sense of the possibilities for disaster housing. Origami-Inspired Folding Bamboo House [via Inhabitat]


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