Post-Apocalyptic Cannibal Hobbits For Your Next Game

A new post-apocalyptic creature catalog has arrived to mutate your Alpha Omega games. Called The Encountered, the book features everything from super-zombies to cannibal hobbits. And it's packed with gorgeous, monstery goodness.

io9 pal Ed Grabianowski gushes about the book, and the dystopian scenario it supports:

It's a few hundred years in the future, humankind has warped and splintered, society has devolved into walled city-states glaring at each other through their bristling defenses, and cosmic aliens walk the Earth alongside demons. Yeah, it was that kind of apocalypse. What does this world desperately need? I'll tell you one thing, it probably doesn't need zombies or hostile robotic children, but it's getting them anyway . . . Each creature in the book gets a full-color image. Not some little pencil drawing, either - a big, evocative, awe-inspiring image like the Augmented Sentience Killer above . . . The creatures themselves are really quite weird (and I mean that as a compliment of the highest order). You've got the aforementioned AI kid-bots; freaky little mutants that are part living Cabbage Patch Kids, part post-apocalyptic cannibal hobbits; giant alien warbeasts; demon dogs; super-zombies and hideously mutated abominations that look like a casting call for a Tool video.


Want to get the full story on this welcome addition to your gaming universe? Check out Ed's full review at Robot Viking.

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