In the annals of questions you didn't really need answered, we shall now include the following, from Brit comedy Lesbian Vampire Killers: What happens to breast implants inside an exploding vampire?

The flick is a genuinely funny grossout comedy, with an exceedingly grave Paul McGann playing a vampire-hunting vicar in a town living under an ancient curse. Famously lesbotic vampire Carmilla, angry at the towspeople, decreed centuries ago that every woman there over the age of 18 will become a lesbian vampire. But one day, the descendant of the man who angered Carmilla will rise up against her to challenge the curse!

Enter our loser heroes, two guys who just want to go hiking and meet rosy-cheeked English country girls. Of course, they turn out to be tangled up in that ancient curse - and McGann draws them into his plans to defeat Carmilla once and for all.


In this fine scene, which comes at the start of a half-hour bloodbath full of vampires with weird, Babylon 5-esque hair, we see how vampire slaying is done. And get our implant question answered.

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