Possibly one of the weirdest geological formations in the world

How did this happen? In Norway, there is a bizarre rock formation known as Kjeragbolten, which is a huge block of stone that has become lodged in a 984-meter-deep crevice over a gorgeous lake. It's so sturdy that sheep like to stand on it — and so do humans.

Photo by Deeds


Photo by 7ty9

According to Atlas Obscura:

The boulder itself is a 5-cubic-meter large block of stone suspended above 984-meter deep abyss. Despite its impressive appearance, it is easily accessible on foot without any special equipment. The whole of Kjerag mountain is a popular hiking area, and Kjeragbolten is a favorite photo spot.

Apparently, for some the thrill of standing on a boulder suspended between two cliffs isn't quite enough, as Kjeragbolten has become a very popular spot for base jumpers to use when launching themselves into the air.

Read more, and see more pictures, at Atlas Obscura

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