There are dreadful horror movies. There are hideous exploitation films. And then there's Angst, the story of a woman whose mutant lady-bits devour any man who sleeps with her. This film makes Season of the Witch look like Bergman. NSFW!

Angst is the story of Helen, the latest in a long line of women who kills anyone she has sex with — at times, it reminds you a bit of Liquid Sky, or that episode of Torchwood with the lethal sex parasite, among many others. Except that Angst is determined to go way, way more over the top than any comparable films in its genre, and it jams in subplots involving conjoined twins and psychotic bank robbers just in case it ever lurches too close to coherence.


Helen first discovers her weird curse when her skanky boyfriend tries to rape her — he disappears during sex, leaving only his clothes behind. She goes to her gynecologist, who drugs her and also takes advantage of her, only to disappear the same way. Soon her vagina is crying out for more victims — you actually hear it shouting "feed me" at various points — so Helen moves to London and becomes a sex worker, seeking more men to kill. The above scene comes later in the film, after she finds a nice man to marry — nice enough that she doesn't want to kill him with her special "gift," so she has sex with his dad on their wedding night instead.

The most ridiculous, over-the-top scene in the movie, though, is the one below. Warning: It's quite NSFW, and also might represent the low-water-mark in body horror. Helen's search for more victims leads her to a freakazoid who ties her up. But then she warns him that if he has sex with her, he'll die. He actually takes her warning seriously, so he decides to go down on her instead. Bad idea...

We're so terribly sorry.


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