Possible identity of Kevin Bacon's X-Men villain, Tons of Transformers 3 pics, and a pesky Doctor Who rumor returns

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We may know which villain Kevin Bacon is playing in X-Men: First Class. Check out dozens of Transformers 3 set pics. Is Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who? Plus an SGU/SGA crossover, and details of The Walking Dead's creative team.


X-Men - First Class:

One site is claiming that Kevin Bacon will play Sebastian Shaw, the mutant leader of the Hellfire Club, which could fit nicely with the fact that fellow Club member Emma Frost is heavily rumored to be in the movie. Shaw pretty much fits the archetypal comic book template of megalomaniac villain bent on world domination. For now, consider this just a rumor, although Comic Con will probably confirm it one way or the other. [Forces of Geek]


Green Lantern:

Ryan Reynolds says the stunts required of him were incredibly scary. (He actually says it in a slightly grosser way, but I thought I'd spare you. Yeah, I know I'm a hero.) [Cinemablend]

And here are some images of the rest of the cast:

Transformers 3:

The stars are thanking Chicagoans profusely for putting up with the traffic delays and detours while they were there filming (though presumably not thanking them for photographing every second of the shoot). Either way, all the commotion was for a good cause - Michael Bay says "Chicago figures prominently at the end of the movie." So consider the millions of set photos you're about to see double-spoilery, because they might give away clues about the ending. [Transformers News]


And now for something a little different - usually, we just collate all the set photos that have shown up elsewhere. But today, we've got our very own set photos that have never been shown anywhere else - I know because I took them myself. Or, more accurately, happened to be in Chicago this weekend and forced my brother to take some photos while we were stuck in traffic. So here it is, the first (and possibly only) morning spoilers set visit:

[Photos by Jonathan Wilkins.]

I don't know why you'd ever need to see any set photos again after those beauties, but just in case here are dozens and dozens of others. I'm told some of them are nearly as good as my efforts (and actually show clear close-ups of the cast, if you're into that sort of thing instead of fuzzy, faraway shots of wrecked cars):


Doctor Who:

In what feels like an all too frequent occurrence, it's time again for a hysterical Doctor Who rumor. The Sun, Britain's trashiest tabloid (and damn proud of it!) is claiming Matt Smith will quit the show after season six. Of course, the British press has been constantly claiming Doctor Who actors were going to quit, saying David Tennant was about to quit after the end of every series he was in and that Christopher Eccleston was going to leave after just one... Okay, bad example. In any event, the BBC hasn't even officially commissioned season seven, and nobody's under contract for it anyway, so there's really no point bothering with these rumors either way until we hear something official. [The Sun]


The Hobbit:

On the other hand, here's an unsubstantiated rumor about a Doctor Who actor that I can completely get behind. Supposedly seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy has been cast as Bilbo Baggins, and this report supposedly comes from McCoy himself. Now, this news doesn't really make logical sense (despite the fact that McCoy only just lost out to Ian Holm for the role in The Lord of the Rings) when you consider McCoy's age (he's 66) versus how old Bilbo is supposed to be in The Hobbit (not young, but not 66 either), so it's probably garbled secondhand news or something. Definitely keep your grains of salt at the ready. [Screenrush]


True Blood:

Crystal, played by Janice Pulshiper, has briefly appeared a few times this season, but she'll take on a major role when she connects with Jason Stackhouse. The two instantly forge a deep, if unlikely, connection, although it will likely be tested when her character is revealed to be a werepanther. [TV Guide]


Also, Joe Manganiello strongly implies Alcide and Eric will be having a big fight at some point, because he says a requirement for the role was being a physical match for Alexander Skarsgaard. [E!Online]


Sebastian Roché, who is playing Thomas Jerome Newton, joins the filming next week. [@FringeWatch]



Here are a bunch of photos from the set of season four:

The Walking Dead:

Frank Darabont has revealed who's writing and directing each of the six episodes. Here's the list:

The writers...
1) Frank Darabont
2) Frank Darabont
3) Frank Darabont, Chic Eglee (The Shield, Dexter), Jack LoGuidice (Sons of Anarchy)
4) Robert Kirkman (the creator of the original comics)
5) Glen Mazzara (The Shield, Hawthorne)
6) Adam Fierro (The Shield, Dexter, 24)


The directors...
1) Frank Darabont
2) Michelle MacLaren (Breaking Bad, The X-Files)
3) Gwyneth Horder-Payton (The Shield, Battlestar Galacticas)
4) Johan Renck (Breaking Bad)
5) Ernest Dickerson (The Wire, Dexter)
6) Guy Ferland (The Shield, Sons of Anarchy)



Here's a sneak peek for the next episode, "All the Rage":Click to view

Stargate Universe:

Straight from showrunner Joseph Mallozzi comes this confirmation that a Stargate Atlantis crossover is a done deal:

With word from producer John G. Lenic that the deals have been closed on those Atlantis alums, we can now move forward on the script, secure in the knowledge that both extra-special guest stars will actually be on hand to say the dialogue written specifically for them. Great news for fans of the old series. There was a reluctance to move ahead with an SGA crossover, particularly on my part, because the feeling was it would step on the timing of the SGA movie, Stargate: Extinction, the events of which directly proceed the Atlantis series finale, Enemy at the Gate. But given the delay on the movie front and the ideal premise pitched out by Remi Aubuchon and Brad Wright, it was decided to go ahead with the crossover.


He also spends some time sorting out how the Universe crossover will fit in with the upcoming movie in terms of Atlantis continuity, so that's also worth checking out. [Joseph Mallozzi]


The first episode will have a ton of surprises, and the return of Jonathan Kent is just the tip of the iceberg. There's also a good chance that we find out whether Lois has figured out Clark's other identity yet. And the 200th episode will be called "Homecoming", but it won't be the one that brings back Supergirl. Kara will probably come back in the third or fifth episode of the season, but nothing is set in stone. [KryptonSite]



Writer David Rambo is leaving CSI to join the second season writing staff. [SpoilerTV]


No Ordinary Family:

Here's a ton of images from the new superhero drama series. [SpoilerTV]
[gallery 5590245]


The Event:

Clifton Collins, Jr., who played a Romulan in the new Star Trek, has joined the cast of NBC's new conspiracy thriller series. He is playing Tom, a key member of the shadow conspiracy plotting against the president. [Hollywood Reporter]


Falling Skies:

New images are out from the upcoming alien invasion drama series produced by Steven Spielberg: [KSiteTV]


(Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth and Charlie Jane Anders.)

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James Whitbrook

I'm pretty sure Matt's initial contract was at least 3 years, with the option to extend that by a further 2. He's not going away till at least the end of Series 7 - I'm not going to say 'if we get series 7, that is', because I think it's safe to say that we will, with the show still as massively popular as it is.

But then again this is the Sun. We'll hear 'confirmation' that he's left from his Auntie's Third sister twice removed on his mom's side about a billion times, just so when Matt eventually leaves, they can be all like 'Oh as The Sun CONFIRMED previously!'. Bloody tabloids.

I hope Karen and Arthur stay on after series 6, too. It'd be nice to have a 'long-running' companion/Doctor team again, someone like Sarah Jane, or Jamie.