It seems that every other franchise has gotten a gritty reboot, so why not Super Mario Bros.? Concept artist Anthony Jones considers how the Mushroom Kingdom might look in a crime drama, with portraits of its central heroes and villains.

Jones titles this series simply Mario, and has dreamed up backstories for his reinterpreted characters. He's by no means the first person to identify the power-boosting items in the Mushroom Kingdom as drugs, but he's also added a story about rival mobsters and broken brotherly bonds.


Here are a couple of his backstories.

Mario - Is a beat down Plumber and leads a lonely but modest life. He can barely pay his rent and is coming off a drug called "Star." little does he know that he is destined for great things

Peach - She is a successful actress/model and is working her way to the top! unfortunately most of her fame has been due to the help of mob boss Bowser, which leads her into some trouble later on down the road.


Visit his blog for background and portraits of Luigi, Toad, and Wario as well.

Mario [Robot Pencil via reddit]