Portlandia takes on Steampunk

We've seen Portlandia skewer BSG fans, adult hide-and-go-seek leagues, weddings, even brunch. And now Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have moved on to Steampunk.


Thanks for the tip Andrew Liptak.

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Ok i09, if I was going to start reading the steampunk genre what book should I start with. Not "what was the first steampunk novel?", but what would be a good easy starter? To give you an idea of my usual taste, I've read Goodkind, Eddings, McCaffrey, F. Herbert, Modesitt, Rawn, Salvatore, Sanderson, R. Jordan, Tolkien, Nix, Mckenna, Lackey, Kerr, E. Haydon, S. Douglass, and am currently reading C.S. Friedman.