Porcelain Stormtrooper Is the World's Fanciest Imperial Soldier

Okay, so Hot Toys’ latest Stormtrooper toy isn’t actually made out of porcelain—that would almost be as ridiculous as Star Wars branded printer paper. But it is covered in the traditional blue-and-white designs found on porcelain. None of that explains why it exists though, because this sure is weird.

The absurdly intricate design—blending the traditional floral designs of porcelain with the iconography if the Empire—looks gorgeous, if totally baffling.


I have no idea why Hot Toys would randomly think “I know, let’s paint up a Stormtrooper like it’s some fine China,” but hey: they get yet another Stormtrooper figure to sell, we get another pretty figure to gawp at.

A very pretty one, at that.

The Porcelain Stormtrooper—which comes with two blasters and some bonus hands, as well as a fancy blue-and-white base to display him on—will set you back $235 when he releases in the middle of next year.


[Hot Toys]

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