Popular New Baby Names Of 2013: Vanellope, Kaptain, Tuf, And Kyndle

The Social Security Administration just released its 2013 list of baby names in the United States. And once again, Game of Thrones rules. There were 1135 Aryas, 241 Khaleesis and 67 Daeneryses born in 2013. And 15 Theons and five Robbs. But some new names also came on the scene.

For one thing, there were eight girls named Brienne last year — apparently thanks to the Game of Thrones character. There were 10 girls named Bellatrix as well.


According to Nameberry, the most popular new girl's names of 2013 include Vanellope — apparently inspired by Sarah Silverman's character in Wreck-It Ralph? There were 63 Vanellope's in 2013, up from zero in previous years. Other popular new girl's names are Pistol, Prim, Rarity (from My Little Pony?), Charlemagne and Rebelle.

Brand new boy's names included Rydder, Jceion, Hatch, Tuf, Lloyal, Xzaiden, Charger, Kyndle, Power, Warrior, Kaptain, Subaru, and Vice.

Other interesting stuff: There were 12,270 boys named Logan — but also 704 girls named Logan. Good work, Wolverine. And there were 20 girls named Nyx.

But there were only 17 girls named Katniss in 2013, which seems lower than previous years.


Scan the entire list over at the Social Security Administration.

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