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Paul Pope is a comic creator and fashion icon (designing a line for DKNY tends to give you some credibility towards that title, at least). And he may have a tendency to place his projects in futuristic SF settings, but don't take that to mean that he's any kind of futurist. As he explained in a recent interview, just the opposite is true, in fact.


Talking to Comic Book Resources, Pope admitted a secret luddite tendency:

I think there is a huge shift of public consciousness which comes with the implementation of significant new tools. Technology changes people's perception of time and distance, and it is necessary to be aware of all this, to create and understand new conceptual frameworks in order to understand and navigate the unanticipated social changes which follow... I worry about the gradual coarsening of society.


Not that he lets that worry get in the way of his work, he admits:

It's just exciting to come up with all kinds of ideas for machines and robots and costumes and whatever, architecture or whatever, and then draw them out on a page.

But what about gradual coarsening of comic societies, Paul? What about them?

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