Polish Short About the Tragic Life of an Exobiologist

There is something silly and sad about this strange little animated short, called The Agronaut, from Polish concept design firm GS Animation. via Drawn!


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It reminds me of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Except with sadness. Thanks for posting this! There needs to be more short-form animation in the world.

For the biologically inclined, how do you suppose the tomatoes grew inside an exo-cone with no visible source of light? They were green inside, which means they must have been using up light. Plants use red spectrum light and reflect green, if I remember correctly. And the cones were red, which means they were reflecting red light and absorbing green, so basically nothing could have got inside. Except if they were luminescent on the inside. Or if they were porous.

Nerd, over and out.