Police Crowdsource the Hunt for Stolen Star Trek Trading Cards Exactly as You'd Expect

Image: CBS
Image: CBS

Recently, 3,800 Star Trek trading cards were stolen and police in Northern Ireland are on the hunt for them. And because we live in a world where everything goes on social media, PSNI Foyle asked for information with a Facebook post that includes all the obvious Star Trek quotes you can think of.

The cards were taken Monday and PSNI Foyle posted its call for help today. Here it is:


No one gets any points for guessing that it ends with “Live long and prosper.” That is the only acceptable way to end a Star Trek-based statement.

As you can see from the police post, the cards are worth enough to make their disappearance really tragic for the collector. You’ll note the reference to “Pixie,” a stolen dog returned based on similar appeal. Hopefully this is equally successful.


Katharine is the Associate Director of Policy and Activism at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the former managing editor of io9. She writes about technology policy and pop culture.

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