What do you do when your fire-type Pokémon sets fire to your couch or your psychic Pokémon starts broadcasting all your dirty thoughts? You take a cue from pet shaming folks and force them to wear a sign detailing their bad behavior.

Top image by too-much-green.

Pokémon shaming is the latest meme to sweep Tumblr and it's pretty darn adorable. Here are a few we particularly love:

By linkito:

By Dampho:

By crossjr:

By barag0n:

By jesterdraws:

By windycube:

By Micah Epstein:

By Hydie Ho:

By professorapplewood:

By wendycorduroy:

By stellardraws:

By raygirlramblings:

By David Shear:

By spoopy-cat:

By ririmon:

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