Pokemon Rip-Off To Ride Dragonball's Anime Coattails

It's a cynical mix of Transformers and Pokemon, it's massive with kids and stoned students watching Cartoon Network and — barring a Christmas miracle — Bakugan Battle Brawlers will soon reach a theater near you.

The Japanese cartoon series, which airs six times a week on Cartoon Network, ties in with a trading card game (complete with "magnetic spring-loaded miniature figures") - which just so happens to mirror the magical cards controlling the eponymous alien battle brawlers at the center of the cartoon's story, in a moment of terrifying corporate synergy.


It's such synergy that has drawn the attention of indie production company Stuber Productions (The company behind recent Paul Rudd movie Role Models) and Universal, who are planning to co-produce the movie with Spin Master, the company that makes the card game itself. No writers, directors or cast have been announced for the project yet, but before you scoff too loudly, it's worth bearing in mind that Stuber has connections with Iron Man's Jon Favreau (who wrote and stars in their current project Couples Retreat). I'm not saying that Favreau would want to get involved with this project per se, but just don't be too surprised if Robert Downey Jr.'s name suddenly starts being mentioned in conjunction with this project...

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