Illustration for article titled Plutos newly discovered fourth moon is roughly the size of Trenton, NJ

The Hubble Space Telescope may be getting old, but it still has excellent spotting power — witness its discovery of a fourth moon of Pluto, which is between 8 miles and 21 miles in diameter.


Says Reuters:

P4 is located between the orbits of Nix and Hydra, both of which were discovered by Hubble in 2005. Charon was discovered in 1978 at the U.S. Naval Observatory.

All four of Pluto's moons are believed to have formed when Pluto and another planet-sized body collided in the early history of our solar system. Earth's Moon may have formed the same way.

P4 was first seen in a photo taken by Hubble on June 28 and was confirmed in subsequent Hubble pictures taken July 3 and July 18, NASA said.


But it still needs a better name than P4. Any suggestions?

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