Pluto Can Become A Full-Fledged Planet—But Only With Stellar Dance Moves

Now this is one of the sillier takes we’ve seen on Pluto’s journey from planet to dwarf planet, but it’s also pretty adorable. In the short film Stellar Moves: The Story of Pluto, Pluto is a young man who wants to join the popular dancers known as the Planets, but he’s going to need some astronomical help on his moves.


Millivette Gonzalez, Tabia Lees, and Valerie Sattazahn all made Stellar Moves as their senior thesis film at Ringling College of Art and Design. We never pictured the planets of our solar system as dance idols, but this trio makes the idea goofy fun.


[via Kuriositas]

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Sorry, can’t have a proper dance-off without this song