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Syfy's New Greek Myth Drama Olympus Looks Divinely Terrible

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If you're a lover of Greek mythology like me, you've been constantly disappointed whenever anybody tries to depict Zeus, Hercules or their ilk on screen, because these movies and TV shows are always terrible. Based on this first trailer, Syfy's Olympus does not appear to be an exception.


First, here's the official synopsis. Warning: If you were hoping for any kind of accuracy to the original myths, just stop right now.

A young man's mythical quest to solve the riddle of the Gods, unlock the doors to Olympus and become an immortal. Hero's epic journey leads him through the darkest realms of Ancient Greece accompanied by the beautiful, but twisted Oracle of Gaia, the powerful sorceress Medea and genius inventor Daedalus. Hero battles trickster gods, vicious monsters, seductive nymphs, kings and despots, as he transforms from fresh-faced naive into a ruthless, coldhearted killer, and match for the gods themselves.


So, yeah. First, the hero's name is Hero, which is something most narratives do to be ridiculous (see A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Snow Crash) but Olympus does not seem to mean ironically. Second, I'm not sure why the show decided to assemble as Greek myth superteam for Hero to pal around with, but other than Medea, these are the West Coast Avengers of Greek myth. Where's Hercules? Theseus? Jason? Odysseus?

The whole thing looks like the Clash of the Titans remake times Xena plus Starz's Spartacus series (minus that show's ridiculous violence and nudity) and then divided by a really, really tiny budget. Man, the green screen work alone is... oof. Is there a Greek god of cheap VFX? Because Olympus should probably sacrifice a white bull to him, a.s.a.p.

[Via Blastr]

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sTalkinggoat attacks! with Trollhammer for 14 DMG

plus Starz's Spartacus series (minus that show's ridiculous violence and nudity)

So... plus nothing.

Seriously though the CG is almost charmingly terrible.