Please Stop With The Obama Already

The Savage Dragon may have been the first superhero to publicly endorse (and later, meet) our new President Elect, but with the appearance of another Obama PR stunt, we ask: Can you stop now? Please?


The February issue of the Image Comics series will feature Barack Obama's first appearance in a comic book as President of the United States, and the newly-released cover shows Obama offering a "terrorist fist jab" to the superhero in colors reminiscent of the already-iconic "HOPE" poster... and we're kind of bored by it already.

What's going on? Obama's not even in office yet, and the novelty of his comic appearances has already worn off through overuse... all from stunt appearances in one series. Is this an example of our ever-decreasing attention span, or has Savage Dragon really been riding the Obama Train a little too long?

Exclusive: Obama comes to comics [PopCandy]

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