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The first trailer is out for Please Stand By. Written by Michael Golamco (based on his one-act play from 2008), it stars Dakota Fanning as Wendy, an autistic woman who runs away from her group home so she can turn in a Star Trek script to a national competition. Her story sends Spock to Deep Space Nine, which admittedly sounds kind of awesome.

According to previous reviews, the movie intercuts between what’s actually happening in Wendy’s life and a representation of her script, showing how much she identifies with Spock due to the way he processes emotions. The film also stars Star Trek Into Darkness’ Alice Eve and professional nerd Patton Oswalt.

I will admit, based on this trailer, I’m a little concerned about the film’s representation of the Autism Spectrum, but I’m trying to withhold judgment until I see it. I have a family member on the spectrum, and there are elements presented here that didn’t sit right with me. I don’t know what Golamco’s experiences with autism are, but some of the cues and moments here feel more like how a writer thinks autistic people behave, rather than how they actually behave, which of course risks falling into stereotypes instead of properly representing the community. I am curious about how that community, as well as their loved ones, will feel about this film, and I will be paying attention to their response.


Please Stand By comes out January 26.

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