Simon Pegg may have gone from Spaced to Star Trek, but there's one ambition that he's still looking to fulfill: writing an episode of George Lucas' new Star Wars TV show. Under the jump, we'll tell you why we're all in favor of this idea.According to... well, almost everywhere over the weekend, really, Pegg - who was not entirely uncritical of the three prequel movies in the second season of Spaced - wants to use the Jedi Mind Trick on Lucas to convince them to let him write an episode or two of the upcoming series:

I might try to wheedle my way back into the affections of Lucasfilm and write an episode of the new live action Star Wars TV series.


This is exactly what we need to see happening with the new series - not to be confused with Clone Wars - for the following reasons: Pegg Is A Good Writer: Or, at least, a good co-writer. Who didn't enjoy Shaun Of The Dead or Hot Fuzz? He's also a genuinely funny writer, which is something that's been missing from the movies since... well, The Empire Strikes Back. Pegg Is A Star Wars Fan: What happens when you let Star Wars fans who made their names doing non-SW projects loose in the Lucasverse? You get things like Grendy Tarakovski's original (non-CG) Clone Wars cartoon, which not only led into Revenge of the Sith but also outshone that movie and the two earlier prequels without blinking. Pegg Is Not George Lucas: This is important for two reasons. Firstly, dialogue really, really isn't Lucas' strength, as anyone who's seen... well, anything he's written solo can attest to. But more importantly, every franchise needs new blood every now and then (Look at what Chris Nolan has done for Batman), and Star Wars moreso than most. There's an incredible amount of potential in Star Wars still, but it's potential that's realized more in the areas where George doesn't have as much involvement (Video games, comics, novels) than in the more mainstream areas that he keeps a Vader-like grip on. Imagine what could happen if new creators who love the stories and characters, but don't feel beholden to one particular idea of what Star Wars "has" to be could tell the stories that they wanted. Don't get me wrong; I'm looking forward to Clone Wars as much as the next person, but the idea of someone like Pegg getting to take on the Empire even just for an episode? That's exactly the kind of thing that gets even more excited about the idea of tuning in on a weekly basis. So, how about it, Mr. Lucas? Image by Scott From New Jersey. Pegg eyes Star Wars job [Yahoo]