"Please Look At Me Neill Blomkamp" Deserves To Be Seen

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We're hooked on Doug Williams' blog/plea to District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. The concept artist's six-month-long, one-sided conversation with Blomkamp is not only hilarious, it's genius. Plus his District 9 toys, creatures and space landscapes are mesmerizing. Check them out.


Williams isn't a completely unknown artist. He's the Senior Concept Artist at ArenaNet, has worked on a number of projects, and even won the infamous "guess what the Cloverfield monster looks like" art competition. His design is included in the gallery, but he didn't even receive the alleged free T-shirt winnings!

Clearly it's time for Doug and Neill to meet, and we say, why not here? So Neill if you're reading this, and Doug, if you're out there, let's make this meeting of minds happen. At least for the possible District 9 plushy line. He even made a Tauran from The Forever War - it's just, well, take a look for yourselves.

Top image: Scarecrow, from his blog,

"It's an enchanted scarecrow. It wanders farmers fields keeping pests away. Everyone laughed at it's size. "Jesus; how big are the crows?" "You need a bigger scarecrow to scare the scarecrows." Blah, blah, blah. Neill have you seen the Guild Wars world? I'd say this scarecrow is about the bare minimum you would need."

[Please Look At Me Neill Blomkamp]


I'm not sure Blomkamp is really the one this guy should be wooing... with his dynamic, steampunk dystopian urbanity visions, it reminds me of the stuff you used to see in OMNI.

I'd found Blomkamp fairly pedestrian, to be honest. Not sure what doug sees in him...