Please Join Us for This Gobble Gobble Gif Party

I can relate.
Screenshot: Paramount Pictures

There’s something about this Thanksgiving that makes you want to pull a Wednesday Addams—or, at the very least, express thanks that the year is almost behind us. For this blessedly early gif party, we’re thankful for good times, fun memes, and saying farewell to the hellscape otherwise known as 2020.

Be sure to leave your favorite dancing, party, or otherwise playful gif in the comments, commemorating the year gone by and the hopefully better one to come. Bonus points if your gif and comment pays tribute to being thankful (or at least relieved) that we’re nearing the end of 2020. It doesn’t have to be about Thanksgiving, though, because many of us aren’t really doing it this year anyway. Safety first, people.


As dear old Pugley would say: “Eat me!”

Can also relate.
Screenshot: Paramount Pictures

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