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Please Enjoy the Creepiest High-Five Ever in This Exclusive Peek at The Banana Splits Movie

Nope, nothing spooky going on here AT ALL.
Nope, nothing spooky going on here AT ALL.
Image: 2019 Warner Bros Entertainment. Inc.

I haven’t had a chance to see The Banana Splits Movie yet but I still have to salute its game plan, which is roughly: Nostalgia, but make it horror. Why aren’t more reboots and remakes taking this approach? Ahead of the film’s digital and home video release, io9 has an ominous-as-hell clip to share.


First, a reminder of the film’s origins—Hanna-Barbera’s squeaky clean 1968 Banana Splits Adventure Hour, a live-action and animated variety show designed by the psychedelically-inclined Sid and Marty Krofft, starring a fictional “rock band” of costumed animals—and the nature of the update, courtesy of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment:

The Banana Splits Movie offers a new take on the classic characters. The film follows a boy named Harley and his family as they go to a taping of The Banana Splits TV show, which is supposed to be a fun-filled birthday for young Harley. But things take an unexpected turn — and the body count quickly rises. Can Harley, his mom and their new pals safely escape?


Here’s the clip, which sure makes it seem like these kids might not make it to second grade:

Tra la la!

The Banana Splits Movie will air on Syfy later this year, but it hits digital on August 13, and will be out on Blu-ray and DVD on August 27.

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Why aren’t more reboots and remakes taking this approach?

Because they arent trying to repurpose scripts from failed movies by looping in a completely unrelated property.

(This movie was the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie that was written but got canned after the rights reverted. They basically took that script tweaked it slightly then looked for another property they could shoehorn into it.)