Please Don't Send Our X-Men Directly To DVD

Rumors are swirling that Fox will be making several X-Men direct-to-DVD movies that delve into the origins of some of the minor characters. After the swift kick to the crotch that was X-Men 3: The Last Stand, this franchise just can't take it anymore. Expect a slew of crap like X-Men Origins: Jubilee and X-Men Origins: Kid Who Can Change Channels By Blinking His Eyes to start appearing on store shelves, while the studio fumbles and stumbles their way into other spinoff opportunities. What sort of meter are they going to use to determine who goes to the theaters, and who sits in the bargain bins?

The X-Men already have an upcoming spinoff with the lengthily-titled X-Men Origins: Wolverine coming out sometime in the next couple of years. However, Fox wants to prime the registers a bit early and start pumping out direct to DVD movies for the lesser characters, while top-tier mutants like Magneto get their own feature films.


Joe Carnahan, who directed last year's wankfest Smokin' Aces, is already working on a direct to DVD Smokin' Aces sequel (shoot us already), and possibly a direct to DVD X-Men Origins: Juggernaut movie. Last week he posted an image of Juggernaut on his blog, saying "I'll let you guys go nuts on this one." If by "go nuts" you mean "wail in despair," then no problem.

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